• Unify Datasets and data visualizations for all Latam operations
  • Faster and deeper decisions on digital marketing
  • Increase digital maturity levels for all local teams throughout Latin America
  • Standardize analysis and data collection for every country and provide a centralized view for the main team
  • Creation of a Digital Dashboard that integrates all digital marketing data for the needs of each local team as well as the controlling team in Brazil
  • Planning and development of a Data Visualization platform in partnership with the client’s IT department specific to their needs
  • High level of interactivity, visual personalization and advanced configuration of features
  • Training for client’s teams to adequately continue to employ the best data collection practices
Our Solution
  • Full visibility of performance results of each country and deep cross-sections for comparative purposes
  • Development of a data-driven culture for all countries after training sessions
  • Noticeable increase in mobile app review scores and goal achievement in use and sales for each app
*Client not disclosed in honor of NDA Agreement
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