The project helped reduce more than $1Million in waste in 6 months (media buying) and drive 44% higher lead volume with a 35% reduction in daily media investment

  • Optimize the decision pipeline for media investments based on campaign performance.
  • Achieve a full overview of the media buying process with high confidence results of all reported data.
  • Gain deep understanding of the consumer’s conversion journey and multiple touch points with the Brand.
  • Full support in the creation of a digital performance room uniting technology, data analysis and media providers
  • Daily, weekly and monthly analysis and insights focused on uplifting On and Offline channel performance.
  • Development of optimization routines as well as specific measurement and organization pipelines
  • Management and implementation of Digital Marketing Technologies.


Our Solution
  • More than $1Million in waste was avoided in 6 months (media buying)
  • 44% higher lead volume and 35% reduction in daily media investment and establishment of a strong data-driven culture.
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