Analysis conducted by DP6 resulted in the application of an attribution model that reduced media CPA in 11%


After an accelerated improvement of media buying strategies on top of last-click based analyses, Magazine Luiza was ready to face the challenge of understanding how each media channel influenced transactions within the e-commerce in order to find a more reliable and fair attribution model to the vast array of media the company buys. More than having a model that would help better plan media investments, it was essential that this model could also be applied to each product category and build a more robust knowledge base into consumer behaviour based on their interests.

Using Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery’s native integration, the project’s first phase was focused on structuring the large datasets required to enable deep drill-downs, attribution analysis by channels and product categories.

With a solid foundation in place, several analyses were made to compare different models until we reached a custom model that applied weights to every conversion channel and took into consideration Magazine Luiza’s objectives with every media piece that was created. Once the model was defined it was applied then applied to current media plans and relevant investment optimization opportunities were found, after all, conversions were more fairly distributed between channels and their role on the customer journey was also made more clear.

Our Solution

The application of recommendations made for investment and channel redistribution, Magazine Luiza achieved 11% in CPA reduction throughout all media efforts and increase PLA campaigns ROI in 15%, one of the main channels used by the brand at the time.

Furthermore, the empowerment offered by our training of people in different areas of the company, including Media, CRM, IT, Products and Analytics was paramount to consolidate a mature data-driven culture that opened a path to several major innovations that pushed company growth.
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