How are your media plans performing? Is the reach, frequency and audience overlapping of your campaigns within the expected range? What about results in terms and leads/sales? We analyze and provide recommendations to improve each creative, channel or strategy within your media investment in order to generate maximum return. For every campaign we can help you define a plan progressively better, all driven by data and deep historical investigations.

From the pre-click phase before user interaction: we analyze audience distribution, ideal frequency, “viewability”; to the post-click: user engagement, micro and macro conversions and results, be it ROI or ROAS. That is the solid foundation of knowledge necessary to drive improvement of campaigns.

*DP6 does not buy media nor does campaign management. We can as a consultancy provide analysis and recommendations to you and your ad agency.

How can we help?

  • Campaign measurement flow and standard definition
  • Continuous reporting (daily, weekly, monthly) on campaign performance
  • Insights and recommendations on campaign optimizations
  • Full project reporting and transparency
  • Media Analysis for the establishment of goals
  • Offline media impact on digital channels analysis
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