Data beats opinions every time. Our data oriented services help drive marketing actions that improve your business results.

• Independent Marketing Consultancy

• Professional services, strategy and technology for business decisions

• 12 years of experience and 500+ enterprise-level data-centric projects

• 100+ people in São Paulo, Brazil

• Google, Oracle, Adobe, Visual IQ & ClickTale certified partner


We are official Oracle, Visual IQ and ClickTale marketing suite resellers. Our amazing support team is ready to answer all your questions.

Data Collection 

Marketing management and solid business decisions depend heavily on good quality data. We are here to provide just that.

Data Analysis 

We investigate conversion funnels from end-to-end to use identify opportunities and risks to your business.

Expert Services

A/B Testing, Multi-channel attribution, DMPs are just some of the services we provide. Explore the full range of our solutions on our services page.

Culture of Freedom and Responsibility
We work in a casual environment that reflects our collaborative culture. We support diversity and integrity. We have a people development team that works exclusively to help us be happier in the workplace and satisfied with the development of our talents.
The continuous search for innovation
We like to uncover new market trends. DP6 is always at the biggest Digital Marketing events of the world and close to tech leaders. We want to help our market evolve so new opportunities may arise.
Knowledge was meant to be shared
We are a company of people. Thus, we invest and care a lot about sharing knowledge, be it between DP6ers or by having professionals from around the market over to teach us a thing or two.

Work with us:

DP6 can help you create a data-driven culture and provide the tools you need to create growth in the digital space. We provide the insight you need to improve your apps and website performance.
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