Multi-Channel Attribution


What is the true return generated by each and every campaign? Does Search and Social Media work better when used together as channels? What role does display media have in the decision process users go through? Is the TV investment generating the expected demand? Is remarketing accelerating the decision making process of potential customers? And what would the financial impact be if campaign and channel investments changed? Enhancing your digital marketing portfolio requires more than basic measurement tools.

It’s necessary to go past the last-click paradigm and implement new analytical concepts and advanced algorithms to fit every media piece in it’s rightful place within the consumer’s decision journey.

We apply modern marketing attribution techniques to offline and online channels, taking into consideration the whole customer journey and help you define and optimize your media investment plan laser focused on getting the most of every channel at the right point of the consumer journey.

Top-down, Bottom-up, Multi-Touch Attribution, Attribution models and algorithmic attribution are all part of our services as possibilities to get the best results out of your current investment.

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